Irrigation & Sprinkler Installation

a sprinkler waters the lawnThere are many things to consider when installing an irrigation system. Our knowledge and experience in landscaping helps create the best system to meet your needs. All areas of your landscape do not require the same amount of water. Factors such as the type of plants and exposure effect the design.

Designed to Conserve Water

Water conservation has become increasingly important as the Atlanta area has grown. We have had droughts in the past and will continue to have them in future years. How we manage water use is important. Having a properly installed irrigation system can save water over traditional ways of watering landscapes. Sprinkler heads are laid out to cover the areas needed with little overlap onto concrete areas. The amount of water flow and the run time can easily be adjusted. It is also easy to set the timer to water early in the morning when there is little evaporation.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is becoming increasingly popular in bed areas. The drip zones are also set in with the timer and slowly release controlled droplets directly over the root zone. This greatly reduces the amount of water needed. The lines are hidden under the mulch so it does not disrupt the appeal of the landscape.

Green spaces are important for our environment. Proper irrigation is a good way to keep lawns, shrubs, and trees healthy.