GCC - Suwanee, GA

Case: Road construction on adjacent streets had changed the layout of the parking and entry areas on this commercial property in Suwanee, GA. During the long construction process the landscape in certain areas had been neglected and become overgrown. Other areas had some soil erosion problems and some trees have become sick and damaged. The existing landscape needed an overhaul and newly constructed areas required a proper landscape plan.

Solution: Solve problems created by the road construction and create a new landscaping to complement the existing plan. Remove diseased trees, silt fences, overgrown weeds, and unhealthy plants. Install large hollies to soften the newly visible wall and deter pedestrian traffic in those areas. Blend sod in with existing sod areas to create flowing turf areas throughout the property. Add a multitude of plants suited to each area that add layers of color and texture to make the business welcoming to customers. Sidewalks and curbs were also cleaned to finalize the makeover.