The Oaks - Dacula, GA

Case: Property in Dacula, GA has severe drainage issues stemming from a culvert outside of the property. This has caused flooding through the back yard. The result has been constant erosion, difficulty maintaining the turf and not being able to enjoy the large space. There is also a road that is visible from all areas of the back yard and a lack of privacy. The homeowners want to enjoy a nice large grass area and have a basketball court they can play on without chasing the ball down the driveway. All the existing gathering areas need to flow together better and provide an open view to the landscape that will be created.

Solution: We worked in conjunction with a pipeline company that installed a 30 inch drain pipe that and tied into the county storm water system. The dirt excavated for the pipe was used to create a berm around the perimeter that will aide in creating a more intimate setting. A combination of Leyland cypress, cedars, and flowering trees will fill in to create additional privacy. Roses, tea olives, hydrangea, and burning bush were used along with an assortment of groundcovers and perennials to complete the planting. Multiple loads of topsoil were brought in to create a smooth surface and better planting base for the Bermuda sod. We extended the terrace patio to transition into the basketball area. The deck steps were moved to flow with natural stone stairs which helped create an open view from the terrace and easy access to the upper deck. Low voltage energy efficient LED landscape lighting completed the job to highlight focal points after dusk.




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