Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting brings the greatness of the outdoors to light. A well thought out lighting plan can highlight the areas of your landscape that matter most. Features such as specimen plants, stone steps, a pathway, water features, or the homes own architectural appeal.

Improved Visibility

landscape lighting in a backyardLighting also improves safety and visibility in a tasteful way. Path lights can light the way without looking like a runway. Ambient light can be cast down on the landscape to provide a soft moonlit feel. Subtle uplighting can highlight points of interest and cast calming shadows. Areas for outdoor entertaining can be lit to make the area more friendly.

We use quality stainless steel multi-tap transformers. Heavy gauge wiring and superior fixtures that give years of trouble-free service. There are many styles to choose from that will compliment your home for the visible fixtures. In many areas, the fixtures can be hidden to only see the light and not the source.

Landscape lighting is a good way to gain more enjoyment from your outdoor spaces throughout the year. Check out some of our previous work and see the difference it can make!