Pucketts Mill - Buford, GA

Case: The homeowners have an existing landscape plan that was drawn several years ago. Some elements of the plan can be implemented while others need to be modified. The walkway to the front door has sunken and caused some water damage to the entry. Shade from established trees had made it challenging to grow grass and soil has eroded and built up around the side. Access around to the back yard is difficult due to the uneven ground, steep slope and exposed roots. In other partially shaded areas of the property the Bermuda grass has become very thin.

Solution: Cut the existing damaged concrete walkway out and contract the water damage repairs. Bring dirt from the side of the home to fill in and compact the area in preparation for a new paver walkway which will be more welcoming. The pavers will be in a color that complements the brick include a round pattern that transitions to a stepping stone path. The path leads to natural stone steps surrounded by boulders and shade loving plants. A curving dry creek bed meanders near the path to serve as a water channel in heavy rains. Rainwater harvesting barrels and in ground drain pipes were also installed. Several sun loving bushes were removed and the area is filled with a variety shade plants that complement the natural surroundings. The front area with thin Bermuda grass will be replaced with Zeon Zoysia which requires less direct sunlight.