Sod Installation

freshly planted sodTurf grass is an integral part of most landscapes in Georgia. Perfekt Erth installs several varieties of top quality sod that are suitable for different environments. From full sun to mostly shade there is usually a type of grass that will be a good choice.


Bermuda is still the most common sod used in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. TifWay 419 has been installed by builders of new homes for years because of its lower cost and drought tolerance. This sod thrives in full sun with moderate water and is resilient if it goes without rain for a while. TifSport is another fine blade variety that handles heavy traffic well. The high density, quick recovery from damage, and drought tolerance make it a good choice for sports fields and sunny play areas. TifGrand is a wider blade Bermuda that is able to handle less sunlight and Patriot can withstand lower temperatures.


Fescue has been around Atlanta for decades and was once the standard for lawns. Much advancement has been achieved in turf type fescues that make it possible to sell as sod. Rebel Supreme blend is one such variety that does well in metro Atlanta. It was developed to grow lower and slower and handle a mixture of sun/shade. Turf type blends have better drought tolerance than traditional fescues but not as much as warm season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia.


Zoysia is becoming a more popular choice in maturing areas. As trees grow and shade out Bermuda lawns many people are converting to Zoysia. It is a lush thick turf that does well in sun and part shade. Emerald and Meyer are traditional varieties and are often a good choice. Zeon is a newer variety that is looks similar to Emerald and has even better shade tolerance and disease resistance. JaMur has a medium blade and superior drought tolerance. El Toro is a wider blade and a good choice in the northern region of Georgia for those who like the look of Centipede or St. Augustine grass.

Preparation, quality sod, and timely installation are important to ensure the success of a new turf area. We work closely with our clients to choose the best sod variety, organize the installation and discuss care of the grass to ensure success. Perfekt Erth has managed sod installations of commercial sights with multiple truckloads and small areas of residential properties. Sometimes we can transform a landscape in as little as a day and other jobs may be in multiple phases. Often an irrigation system, topsoil, and planting are a part of the overall project. Turf Grass remains a vital part to beautiful landscapes which we enjoy creating at Perfekt Erth!